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 Special Summit Edition

October 2005 

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Welcome to a special edition of the CLI newsletter. In this issue we will recap the Annual CLI Leadership Summit, which was held at the end of September in Tarrytown, NY. We are pleased to report it was a resounding success. Attendees from as far away as the United Kingdom and the West Coast were treated to three days of intense learning and exclusive networking.

The theme this year was "Growing Your Trucking Business" and the emphasis was on sales, marketing, and customer service. From motivating keynotes to lively workshops to interactive roundtables, this event had it all. Attendees explored ways to increase business by differentiating themselves from their competitors and were given instruction from a high strategic level down to practical tips.

New this year were two sessions that had been suggested by last year's attendees: a cutting-edge technology showcase and roundtable discussions. The showcase featured CLI partners discussing the latest in wireless technology, Business Intelligence and costing systems. Roundtables focused on the topics of "Fuel Issues," "Security Concerns in Our New World," and "Building a Customer System."

We would like to thank all of the attendees who helped make this a world-class conference. Your participation in this program made it the valuable event that it truly was. We would also like to thank the speakers whose time, talents, and efforts took the program to a whole new level.

If you missed out on attending this year's program, please mark your calendar now for next year's Summit on September 27 - 29, 2006 in Tarrytown, NY. This is a unique industry event targeted exclusively to multi-stop carriers that really delivers an educational punch. As one attendee wrote in his evaluation, "This was a great opportunity to discuss similar problems and concerns with peers while learning from the interesting topics presented."

Opening Keynote & Day One Sessions

Opening Keynote
After a spirited opening reception and dinner on Wednesday night, participants got down to business first thing Thursday morning with Paul DiModica's opening keynote on "Growing Your Trucking Business in This Competitive Market." DiModica, the president of DigitalHatch, is an engaging and riveting speaker who delivered a tremendous amount of valuable information that will surely resonate with attendees for months to come. Declaring that in the trucking and transportation industry the current environment is, "Hunt now or be eaten later," DiModica took the audience through ways to sharpen their marketing and sales to increase profits. After reviewing the six methods to grow your company, DiModica had the participants fill out an LTL Business Growth Audit. DiModica stressed the need for a growth plan, driving home the point that "Growth is a proactive plan, not a reactive approach."

Communicating Value When Marketing Your Services
DiModica also presented a session on communicating value, which is a proven way to differentiate your business in the marketplace. The first exercise the group did was to determine their company's "Sales Value Proposition" or SVP. An SVP as defined by DiModica is a unique communication hook to get past the management filter of being just another logistics company. DiModica shared the five rules for developing an SVP and then reviewed each person's SVP in this highly interactive session. DiModica finished up the session discussing how to create value-driven marketing tools.

Web Services and Connectivity
David Olson, director of enterprise solutions for Progress Software Corporation, led the next session on the highly relevant and cutting-edge topic of connectivity. In the past technological innovation pushed business but now it is business innovation that pushes technology, said Olson. He went on to define web services and noted their value lies in their ability to connect applications together through agreed upon standards, i.e., the ability to share information between applications without writing a customized interface. He finished up his session with an example of a shipment being tracked by RFID and how connectivity can take simple data and makes it very meaningful for the trucker and shipper alike.

How to Recruit and Manage Salespeople
After a lunch in the Biddle House mansion, attendees reconvened to listen to Marty Shapiro, president of Martin Shapiro Associates, discuss recruiting and retaining sales people. Shapiro, a transportation veteran now running his own executive search firm, shared his insights on this important topic. After discussing ideas on alternate ways to recruit salespeople, Shapiro switched gears and talked about how to manage your sales team through incentives. He finished up with the benefits of managing through incentives, which included increased profitability, improved morale, and reduced turnover.

How to Sell Your Services while Managing Competition
After the "Spotlight on Partner Technology" session, Paul DiModica returned for his final session sharing some nuts and bolts ideas on how to sell your services. DiModica offered both high-level strategic plans and basic sales and marketing advice such as making sure your telephone number is on every page of your website. He also discussed the topics of parallel imaging and the importance of creating "visual brochures." He finished up by telling participants how to create business value by using a "Value Forward" method of selling.

Utilizing Technology to Maximize Sales Efficiencies
Ben Wiesen, senior transportation consultant at CLI, presented a session on how to use technology to improve sales and retain customers. Beginning with the same premise introduced at the start of the day, Wiesen noted that in the trucking and transportation industry it is very difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. One way to distinguish your business from the crowd is through the use of technology. Better technology systems mean efficient processes, better data/information and fewer mistakes - all things that can attract new customers while keeping your current clients happy. Wiesen gave examples of the latest technologies that are available including web-based customer service and sales systems, as well as Business Intelligence, which can be a boon for managing your sales staff.

Dinner Speaker

Industry Trends: The View from Wall Street
After some dedicated time spent reviewing products and services in the Discovery Room (see the article below for more details), the group reconvened for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the Biddle House music room. A private dinner in the elegantly appointed Garden room followed, capped by a speech by Merrill Lynch's senior Airfreight and Surface Transportation analyst Ken Hoexter.

Hoexter shared his view of the transportation industry including the current state of economic affairs particularly in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. After a lengthy Q&A with the group, where Hoexter showed his incredible depth of knowledge, the program wrapped for the evening.


Day Two Sessions

Importance of Customer Analysis
After another dedicated session in the Discovery Room and roundtable discussions on industry topics, Steve Raschilla, vice president at MastioGale Consulting, began his two-part session on Customer Value Analysis. He began by posing the key Customer Value question: How will I be better off if I buy from you rather than from your competitors? Raschilla explained that customer satisfaction is not as important as a customer's perceived value. Customers buy on perceived value, which is equal to benefits relative to cost. Raschilla said that benefits include all non-cost attributes and that benefits, costs, and value are perceived relative to competition. Once he had explained the importance of Customer Value, Raschilla went on to discuss how it provides powerful tools to understand targeted markets and drive growth.

Managing Customer Value
After a short break, Raschilla continued with part two of his session explaining how to measure and manage customer value to earn market share and improve profits. Beginning by sharing the results of a 2005 MastioGale Case Study of National LTL Carriers, Raschilla showed what the customers of these LTL carriers felt was important in choosing a carrier. The survey showed that competitive pricing, operational effectiveness, and courteous/professional service are key themes that drive carrier selection decisions. Raschilla noted that very often the internal perspective varies widely from the market perspective. For example, accurate invoices scored low on the internal survey and yet customers scored it near the top in importance. Clearly there is a disconnect. Raschilla then finished up his session discussing the proven process for implementing Customer Value Management and how to go about surveying your customers.

If you are interested in viewing any of the PowerPoint presentations, including the 2005 MastioGale Case Study of National LTL Carriers, please contact Craig Lis at CLI at


Thank You to Our Sponsors

CLI would like to thank Progress Software Corporation and the Transportation Costing Group (TCG) for their sponsorships at this event. Progress, CLI's platform partner, sponsored in part the opening keynote by Paul DiModica. Anthony Payer and David Olson, who also led a session on connectivity, represented Progress at the event.

TCG sponsored the opening reception. TCG creates costing software that works seamlessly with the FACTS™ system. Ken Manning, TCG president, represented the company at the program.

Thank you Progress and TCG.


Discovery Room Packed with New Technology

CLI Invites Partners to Participate

CLI once again set up a separate "Discovery Room" at the Summit, where participants could try out some of the newest technology products for the industry firsthand. This year CLI invited several of their partners to participate as well. The Discovery Room was very well received by participants and the addition of their partners was a welcome one as indicated by this attendee's comment: "Very impressed with all of the product offerings and the wide range of affiliations CLI has with other vendors."

CLI showed off its FACTS™ suite of software solutions including FACTSview™, Business Intelligence software, FACTSweb, the web-based customer service module, and DMS, CLI's dock management system. Other demonstrations included ABC costing software from Transportation Costing Group, Fathom, the disaster recovery solution provided by Progress, wireless solutions from KonaWare, imaging from E-B-E, and data, technology and education solutions from SMC3.

For further information on any of the above products or to set up your own demo, please contact Ken Weinberg at


Hold the Dates

The 2006 Leadership Summit will be held September 27- 29, 2006 at the Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center in Tarrytown, NY. Please mark your calendar, as we will once again be providing a strong program relevant to the transportation industry, a unique opportunity to network with your peers, a stellar roster of dynamic speakers, and an exclusive chance to view firsthand the latest technology and solutions available.
Pictured above is just one of the roundtable discussions from this year's program.

"Well chosen speakers." "I received value for the time invested." "Excellent program on a broad base of subjects." These are just a few of the comments that we received on this year's evaluations. CLI will once again put together a program that is well-organized, timely, educational and one that will benefit you and your business.

Watch your e-mail for updates as the program draws nearer.


Fall into "Out to Lunch" Training

Autumn is traditionally back to school time, so why not head back for some education yourself at the one hour a week "Out to Lunch" training. "Out to Lunch" sessions are a great and inexpensive way to learn how to maximize your CLI software. This training is a terrific opportunity for you and your team to get up-to-speed on the FACTS™ system. If you have not yet signed up, please do so today.



Oct. 14 12:00pm EDT

Carrier Setup and Rates (Interline/Agent)

Oct. 21 12:00pm EDT

Operations: Daily Start-Up Procedures

Oct. 28 12:00pm EDT

Rating Precedence and Options



The fee for the session is $75. If you need more than one connection to the conference call, each additional connection is $30. This additional fee covers the conference call and the WebEx cost, both priced by user. For questions or to register for any of the above sessions, please either reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to at . Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance as we may need to increase the number of connections required for a given session. Please supply the following when you register: Company Name, Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number and Topic.


Calendar of Events




Oct. 15 - 19

2005 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Boston, MA

Oct. 16 - 19

2005 Loss Prevention Conference

Atlanta, GA

Oct. 20 - 22

ExpoCam 2005

Montreal, QC

Nov. 12 - 16

NITL 98th Annual Meeting & TransComp 2005

Anaheim, CA

Nov. 17 -18

Ontario Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toronto, ON

Jan. 24 - 25

SMC³ 51st Annual Winter Meeting

Atlanta, GA

Feb. 26 - Mar. 1

Annual Meeting of the Distribution & Less Than Truckload Carriers Asoc.

San Diego, CA

Mar. 27 - 30

2006 Material Handling & Logistics Show & Conference.

Cleveland, OH


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