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April 2006 

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·  User Group Meeting a Success

·  Innovations in Trucking: Creating a Safer and More Efficient Industry

·  FREE Webinar on Business Continuance

·  Leadership Summit Hold the Dates

·  Welcome Brandt Truck Lines

·  Tip of the Month: Starting Background Jobs

·  Joe Paterno Obituary

·  Calendar of Events



Welcome to the April 2006 edition of the CLI newsletter. The CLI family experienced a tremendous loss this month with the passing of longtime employee and friend, Joe Paterno. For over 20 years, Joe contributed to the organization and he was one of the initial programmers who worked on developing CLI's operations software. His obituary is below. We would like to thank all of you who sent us e-mails with your condolences and memories of Joe. He truly touched many lives and we have shared these remembrances with his family. Special thanks also to customer ANC, Ltd. whose personnel traveled from the U.K. to attend the services for Joe. He will be sorely missed.

Earlier this month, CLI held its annual User Group meeting in White Plains, NY. The program was very successful, well attended and highly rated by the participants. "Once again," wrote one attendee, "the opportunity to meet and network with other CLI customers is priceless." For a recap, please see the article below. Also, note the "Save the Date" article regarding CLI's Annual Leadership Summit. The program will be held on September 27 - 29, once again at the Tarrytown House and Estate in Tarrytown, NY. The theme of the event this year will be "Innovation."

Speaking of innovation, our guest article comes from a company that has created a product that will make the transportation industry safer and more efficient. We thought you'd want to learn about this, so we have included this article from SwitchQuick.

Ever think about how much money you would lose if your computer system went down? CLI is hosting a Webinar on May 2 from 1:00 to 1:45 pm EDT on the topic of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuance. This educational event is FREE and open to CLI customers and non-customers alike. The program is a must-attend for transportation professionals who should think about the ramifications of having every level of your business cease to operate. Take 45 minutes now to learn and reduce your risk of facing financial disaster later. Simply e-mail Craig Lis at to register.

Finally, CLI welcomes new client Brandt Truck Lines to our ever-growing list of companies who have chosen the FACTS™ system. Please see the article below about Brandt. Last but not least, check out the always-popular "Tip of the Month." This month we look at running Background Jobs.

Enjoy the issue.

User Group Meeting a Success

For two days, CLI customers from across the U.S. and Canada came together in New York for training sessions, discussions and lively interaction. The program, held at the Crowne Plaza hotel, covered a wide range of topics related to CLI's FACTS™ system. There were general sessions, roundtables on industry-related issues and breakouts divided into either administration or operations. Topics covered included Call Logging, Mapping and Density, Rating, Auditing Techniques and Web Functionality. A highlight of the program was the concurrent tracks on the new GUI or Windows-based versions of FACTS™. The administrative session featured an unveiling of actual views while the operations session asked the participants for their input into what they would like to see CLI develop.

"I always take home some pieces of new information from each session I attend," said Sandra Shott, billing manager, Gardewine North. "It's very useful."

In addition to how important and valuable the sessions are, the networking between participants is another significant benefit of attending. "What I liked best about the event," said Dave Huff, manager of customer administration, Standard Forwarding, "was the interaction with CLI personnel and peers in the industry." Interactive sessions also allowed attendees to exchange ideas, which proved to be of great value to all.

CLI would like to thank all of the participants who took time out to attend the free event and we look forward to hosting another User Group meeting again next spring. Look for future newsletters for dates and location.

Innovations in Trucking: Creating a Safer and More Efficient Industry

By Josie Heskje, SwitchQuick

As a carrier, if you were told there was a way to save $6.2 million in labor, annually, would that pique your interest? New innovations in the industry are making trucking safer and more efficient every day. Those companies that embrace innovation often win new business, leaving the competition far behind. Today, a solution now exists for reducing a two trailer and dolly hook and drop operation by 33%, providing numerous additional benefits to LTL carriers.

Day in and day out, the transportation industry uses 750,000 two trailer sets with converter dollys. Some states even allow the use of three trailer sets on freeways. The current process for hooking and dropping trailers (an operation performed 2.3 million times annually) has 49 steps, consuming an average of 32 minutes each time and causing the driver to exit and enter the cab 11 times. Did you know that this activity (exiting and entering the cab) is the overall highest injury incident activity in the trucking industry? Additionally, at LTL freight terminal operations, manually moving dollys is the number one injury incidence activity.

Many carriers choose 53' trailers over 28' trailers due to the cost and risk of injury during the process of dropping and hooking trailers. But should LTL carriers move freight on 28' trailer tandems or 53' vans? Carriers must consider all of the benefits and drawbacks when deciding whether to use tandems or vans in their line haul operation.

A device that may impact a carrier's decision on whether or not to run tandems or vans, one that actually can save a carrier $6.2 million in annual labor savings, has recently hit the market. SwitchQuick® offers LTL carriers a safer method of switching trailers by preventing the dolly from articulating when a tractor, trailer(s) and dolly are moved in a reverse direction.

SwitchQuick is a patent pending device installed on the dolly in either a single or double strut application. The SwitchQuick application prevents the dolly from articulating by bracing one or two struts from the dolly against the lead trailer with the struts extended. The time that it takes to engage and disengage SwitchQuick, single or double strut applications, will reduce the time it takes to hook and drop trailers. Both applications can save carriers one-third of their current labor costs associated with switching.

SwitchQuick can also dramatically impact drivers' injuries as the trips a driver must make in and out of the tractor while switching are reduced by 50%, and the driver handles the dolly only once. Yard congestion can be reduced, gas-guzzling, tractor-idling time is reduced, and "dark" terminals no longer hold the peril they once did for drivers dropping and hooking. P+D efficiencies can also be created with SwitchQuick.

If one takes the time to learn about new innovations in trucking, they will discover a great opportunity for carriers to conserve fuel, create operational efficiencies, and provide a safer work environment. Carriers running 28' trailers likely have already answered the question, "Tandems or Vans" as well as whether or not they'd like to save millions of dollars in new efficiencies. The question now for carriers running tandems is "single or double strut?"

For more information on SwitchQuick, visit, or visit them at the NASSTRAC show in Orlando at booth 307 from 4/30-5/3.

For more information on SwitchQuick, click here »


FREE Webinar on Business Continuance

Find Out the Real Cost of Downtime

How many customers would you lose if your system went down? In today's changing world, the need for disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) planning has never been more important. Problems such as equipment failure, broad power outages, natural disasters, computer viruses, theft, hackers or terrorist activity can create tremendous downtime and loss of revenue. In the face of a disaster, you need to ensure your business-critical applications will perform as required to keep you in business.

Think about how dependent, as a transportation company, you are on your technology. If your system went down, every level of your organization would cease to operate. And as minutes turn to hours, can you even comprehend the loss of revenue, the lack of productivity and the damage to your reputation?

Please join Carrier Logistics, along with NaviSite and Progress Software, for a discussion of the best practices in implementing a disaster recovery/business continuance solution.

This Webinar will provide you with:
An overview of the important considerations in developing a practical DR/BC plan
2) Details on the most common challenges and how to overcome them
3) Practical elements, case studies and return-on-investment insights
4) Q&A with DR/BC industry experts

Remember, time IS money. The high cost of business downtime goes beyond lost sales. Failure to perform can lead to contractual penalties. Customers who choose an alternate carrier may never come back - and even if they do, your cost of business can increase due to a new competitive mix. If records such as invoices are lost, you lose revenue on delivered products and services.

Attend this FREE Webinar to learn what you need to know about a Business Continuance plan. Learn now...or pay later. To register, please reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to


Leadership Summit Hold the Dates

It used to be quality. Then it was knowledge management. Next came employee engagement. What's tomorrow's big trend in big business? According to experts, it's creativity and innovation -- how can your business do what it does in new and interesting ways to catapult your services to the top of the competitive pile? Find out at CLI's Leadership Summit.

The Annual Summit will be held September 27 - 29 once again at the exclusive Tarrytown House Estate in Tarrytown, NY. This by-invitation-only educational event brings together top executives from LTL and courier companies from around the world. The theme this year is "The Power of Innovation" and there will be a strong educational emphasis on using innovative thinking to grow your business. There will be keynotes, interactive workshops and lively roundtable discussions on critical industry topics. Once again it promises to be three days of learning, idea exchanging and networking.

The stunning Tarrytown House is located in the heart of the Historic Hudson Valley. Daily sessions will be held in state-of-the-art meeting rooms, while evening events will take place in magnificent parlors and staterooms in the property's two lush 1800s mansions. First-class service and elegant accommodations truly make this a desirable destination.

The program will begin Wednesday, September 27 with an opening evening reception and wrap on Friday, September 29 with a closing lunch. We've secured special weekend rates if you wish to stay and explore the local area or nearby New York City, which is just 30 minutes away.

Please remember that if you are invited to attend this program, you should RSVP as soon as possible. Last year's event was at capacity and we fully expect this program to be oversubscribed. Finally, bear in mind that all registration and meeting fees are sponsored by CLI. This program is FREE. You are responsible only for your travel and hotel. To request an invitation please send an e-mail to Ken Weinberg at


Welcome Brandt Truck Lines

CLI welcomes its newest client Brandt Truck Lines. Headquartered in Bloomington, IL, they've been serving the Midwest since 1923. Team Brandt are specialists in the LTL marketplace and they were recently selected Carrier of the Year by Agri-Fab, Inc. in recognition of the contributions of their management and employees. Their tagline, "Providing Superior Customer Service through the Latest Technology," clearly shows why they chose CLI and the FACTS™ system.

A motto at Brandt is "Teamwork is what it is all about." We echo that sentiment and look forward to teaming up with Brandt to provide excellent customer service to their shippers.

Welcome Brandt.


Tip of the Month: Starting Background Jobs

Reference Code: Background Jobs

Background Jobs refers to the process that continuously updates Global Views and the totals on these screens as well as running Stacker Jobs that may automatically be generating reports. The startup for Background Jobs is found at ob # 92 Background Jobs Control.

If there are Stacker Jobs set to run in the background, the list of active Stacker Jobs will be displayed as well. To start or restart any Background Job, first select option # 2) Stop All Background Jobs. This is done in case part of the process is still running in the operating system. After all Background Jobs have been stopped, choose # 1) Start/Change Background Jobs. Scroll up or down to highlight a job and press enter to start that job. The status should change from OFF to CHANGED. Repeat this process to select all the Background Jobs that you wish to start (remember every time you enter the option to start one, you must stop all running ones first). When you are done, press F1 to restart the job(s). There will be a message stating the Background Job started successfully (E.g., Background Process started successfully. PID = 29056).

To view the status of any Background Job, choose option # 3) Display Status of Background Jobs. The display will show what user started the last session and when, as well as the last time any of the jobs ran its intended function. For Global Views, it would display the last time the view was refreshed. The display will also show if the process is running, initializing or idle. Running would indicate that a process is currently being run while Idle would describe jobs that have been started, but are not in action at the moment. Initializing means that the Background Jobs are in the process of starting up. If the job did not start successfully, there will be a message "The Background Job is not running." You can print a report for the last run of Background Jobs by choosing option # 4) Print Last Run of Background Reports.

If you would like to respond to the Tip of the Week or you require additional information, please send an e-mail to


Joe Paterno Obituary

Joseph M. Paterno, a long-time senior transportation consultant at Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), died Tuesday, April 18 at St. Joseph Hospital in Wayne, N.J. after a brief illness. He was 56 years old.

Joe spent over 20 years as an expert in the transportation systems industry and spent much of his career as senior systems analyst and programmer creating operational software at CLI in Tarrytown, N.Y. Before joining CLI, Joe worked at Oneida Freight Lines, a trucking company.

"Joe's background was in trucking which is what made him so valuable. He knew his way around a trucking company so he could create software that was user-friendly," says Ken Weinberg, vice president of CLI.

Joe was born in Lyndhurst, N.J. and moved to Wayne in 1978. He graduated from Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, N.J. in 1968, and pursued studies at Villanova University.

Weinberg remembers, "Joe was well known for his spirited personality and insightful thinking throughout the transportation community. He will be missed by many."

Funeral services were held April 20 at the Vander May Wayne Colonial Funeral Home, Wayne, N.J. He was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington.

The family asked that in lieu of flowers memorial donations be made to Eva's Kitchen, 392 Main Street, Paterson, N.J. 07505.


Calendar of Events




May 28 - 31

Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar

Toronto, ON

June 2 - 4

British Columbia Trucking Association Annual Convention

Victoria, BC

June 14 - 16

SMC3's 51st Annual Summer Conference

Dallas, TX

July 19 - 23

Trucking Association Executives Council (TAEC) Annual Conference

Stowe, VT

Sept 27 - 29

CLI Annual Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct 28 - 31

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Dallas, TX


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