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June 2009 

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·  5 Keys to Successful Employee Communication

·  CLI Announces Promotion of Kevin Linardic and Ben Wiesen to VP Positions

·  CLI Working Closely with Progress to Offer Disaster Recovery Solutions

·  CLI Welcomes a New Client

·  CLI Installs New Customer-Friendly Phone System

·  Progress Announces New President & CEO

·  Tip of the Month

·  Calendar of Events


Welcome to the May/June issue of Trucking with CLI, Carrier Logistics' newsletter. This edition's feature article comes from the president of LTL powerhouse, A. Duie Pyle, Steve O'Kane. Steve writes about the importance of good and honest communication. I invite you to share this very timely article with others in your organization, as I found Steve's advice extremely valuable and on point.

We are pleased to announce the promotions of Kevin Linardic and Ben Wiesen. Kevin and Ben have been an integral part of CLI's team over the past 15 years and it is with pleasure that we share the good news of their promotions to vice president positions. Kevin and Ben have become shareholders in CLI, guaranteeing the continuity of leadership and vision for the organization for many years to come.

We've covered the issue of disaster recovery before but we are revisiting it again, as we cannot stress enough the importance of having a system in place. Your data and technology is critical to running your business - can you even imagine the damage that would be done if you experienced a disaster and had no back up? CLI is partnering with Progress Software to offer an affordable disaster recovery solution for our customers. Read the article for details.

Please join us in welcoming a new CLI client: Duckering's Transport. This customer-focused carrier has chosen CLI as its technology partner and we welcome them aboard. The article below gives more detail on this world-class organization. I also invite you to read the article detailing CLI's new phone system, which should make it even easier for customers like Duckering's to get quick answers to their inquiries.

Please read the always-useful Tip of the Month, which in this issue outlines how to automatically create a scheduled linehaul. And finally, please review the calendar of events. Especially in these times, it is critical to support industry meetings - education and networking are always great investments.

Enjoy the issue.

5 Keys to Successful Employee Communication

by Steve O'Kane, president of A. Duie Pyle

Good and open employee communication is always key to running a successful organization, but in these challenging economic times it is even more critical to use communication as a tool to keep employees motivated, engaged and informed. While management's initial reaction may be to downplay or even "sugarcoat" current business issues, an honest and open dialogue with your employees is always the right (and best) avenue to pursue.

If you really focus on employees, keep them engaged, listen to their concerns and, when warranted, adjust a little bit, they stay motivated and interested. It is this type of engaged employee that you need at this time to be dedicated to your business, which, in turn, will help your organization survive and ultimately thrive. Keeping the lines of communication open is critical.

The five keys to successful employee communication below are effective with any audience.

1: Talk about what matters most to the employee. Whenever I interact with an employee, in a formal or informal setting, I invite him or her to ask questions. I would rather talk about what is on the employee's mind than what is on my mind. Now, there is likely an agenda or a motivation for the interaction, so I will deliver the desired message but try never to close without inviting questions.

2: Honesty. Employees appreciate direct answers. Even if the answer to a question or request is no, it is better to give them a direct response than to try to escape with a vague, 'We'll consider that,' or, 'Maybe,' and have the issue fester.

If employees want something that is simply not going to happen, better to meet the issue head on and try to end the discussion. Of course, when the answer is yes, you must make sure you follow through on what has now become a commitment.

3: 'Why' is often as important as 'yes' or 'no.' When an answer has to be no, it is worth taking time to explain why a negative answer is necessary. Employees really do understand the business more than some leaders may realize.

4: Small groups work best. If I have a choice - and often there isn't one - I prefer to talk to employees in small groups. Several informal discussions on a regular basis are far more meaningful and controllable than one big meeting. Plus, employees really appreciate the personal attention they get from such meetings.

5: Results. At the end of the day, employees have a great sense of whether or not leadership is making good decisions. They may not agree with every decision, but if they feel that leadership is moving the organization in a good direction for their future, then communication becomes an exchange of viewpoints and explanation of direction.

Without good strategy and leadership, the best communication possible will not be well received by the employee population. Good communication can reinforce a well-thought-out business plan, but without the good plan, even great communication will be viewed as ineffective and insincere.

In closing, while it may seem to be easier to lessen communication or even filter it, the best thing to do right now is not only keep the lines of communication open but be honest and willing to listen. The reward you get from motivated, informed employees will be the tonic your company needs during these difficult times.

Steve O'Kane is president of A. Duie Pyle, widely known for its high-performing LTL service. Located in West Chester, PA, A. Duie Pyle has experienced decades of growth in the Northeast through a regional model that delivers exceptional service to customers who turn to them every day for their LTL, TL and Warehousing & Distribution needs. Visit their website at

This article was excerpted from an article that appeared in the March 2009 "Smart Business Philadelphia" periodical. To read the complete original article, click here.


CLI Announces Promotion of Kevin Linardic and Ben Wiesen to VP Positions

Veteran Executives to Carry on Company's Leadership in Trucking and Logistics Technology

CLI is pleased to announce that it has promoted two senior executives to vice presidents who now have equity standing in the company. Kevin Linardic (pictured left), who directs CLI's programming staff and the development of its FACTS™ system, has been appointed vice president of Technology. Ben Wiesen (pictured right) was named vice president of Products and a member of the company's board of directors. Both executives joined CLI in 1995.

"Kevin and Ben have been integral members of our team for nearly half of CLI's existence," said Ken Weinberg who, with Don Adams, founded CLI in 1972. "Now we are looking to them to maintain and further our worldwide leadership as innovators in trucking and logistics technology."

"I am thrilled at this opportunity to help lead CLI on to even greater accomplishment," said Linardic. "CLI has earned its reputation for excellence. Based on our technology, talented staff members and strong client base, FACTS™ will continue to be the premier solution for the multi-stop transportation environment."

Linardic has been responsible for creating the most complete and comprehensive rate engine available, a key component in CLI's widely used FACTS™ system. The robust rate engine supports most published tariffs and customer specific rates. The rate engine is also scalable, supporting both small SaaS customers as well as large enterprises with over 2,000 concurrent users.

Prior to joining CLI, Linardic spent six years at a New York-based software development company developing applications for the transport industry. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Computer Science from the College of New Jersey.

"Carrier Logistics has always had a culture that encourages employees to develop new solutions for our carrier clients," said Wiesen. "I am proud of this company, its growth, and its dedication to the transportation industry. Our commitment moving forward is to continue the legacy of providing world-class transportation management systems."

Wiesen has been a driving force in the development of FACTS™ , CLI's premier transportation management system. Most recently he created the CLI web module, FACTSweb, a powerful customer service tool that goes beyond shipment tracking and tracing to include reporting capabilities and analytics.

Wiesen began his career as an industrial engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense. He went on to become operations engineer for Roadway Express, an Ohio-based transport company that merged with Yellow to become YRC Worldwide in 2003. Wiesen holds an Industrial Engineering degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In the years since Linardic and Wiesen came aboard, CLI has become a multi-million dollar developer of system technology and freight management systems, providing computer systems to LTL, combined LTL and truckload, package delivery and bulk carriers throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


CLI Working Closely with Progress to Offer Disaster Recovery Solutions

CLI clients will receive a mailing in the coming weeks illustrating the necessity for every transportation company to have a disaster recovery solution in place. Like any type of "insurance," a disaster recovery solution is something you don't think you need until you need it - and then it's too late.

If a disaster strikes, what is your worst-case scenario? Lost revenue? Lost shipments? Inability to post receivables or bill customers? How about the long-term effect of lost business in this tight-margin time?

A major disaster could cause all of this and more. Today's transportation environment is more at risk because it is increasingly data intensive and reliant on automated systems. CLI wants to ensure its customers that their systems are protected. A company's information systems and data are not just part of their business; they are the lifeblood of an organization. In the event of a major disaster, what would the cost be if your system went down?

CLI is working closely with Progress Software to help its clients implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution. They are urging their customers to protect their businesses with OpenEdge™ Replication and Management as the cornerstone of their disaster recovery solution. OpenEdge Replication and Management from Progress™ Software prevents a business from losing significant revenue and damaging their reputation by ensuring that your mission-critical systems are available 24/7/365.

To entice our customers to further research why a disaster recovery solution is critical, CLI is offering clients either a multi-media presentation on disaster recovery or a complimentary copy of The Worst- Case Scenario: Survival Handbook: WORK if they follow up for more information.

For more information on disaster recovery contact Ken Weinberg at today.


CLI Welcomes a New Client

CLI is pleased to announce that Duckering's Transport Ltd. recently joined its list of clients. After doing its due diligence this organization opted for CLI's FACTS freight management system.

Duckering's is one of Alberta's leading regional freight carrier and has been setting the industry standard since 1971. With overnight service daily between all points on the major Central Alberta corridor, Duckering's Transport raises the bar for integrity, professionalism and reliability within the industry.

CLI thanks Duckering's for choosing our solutions. We look forward to serving this and all of our customers for years to come. Welcome Duckering's.

For more information on Duckering's, click here »


CLI Installs New Customer-Friendly Phone System

This past spring, CLI installed a new VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone system to better serve its clientele. This new system allows callers to reach out directly to CLI staff to expedite calls, whether they are for emergencies or just quick questions. The main number, of course, is still in use, where customers can reach Kathleen, who will then direct the caller to the staff member who can best meet his/her needs. The main number remains 914-332-0300.

Callers also have the option of dialing an auto-attendant at 914-332-0931 to reach staff directly. A list of employees' extensions can be accessed by the link below. In addition, callers can search a company directory through the auto-attendant to reach the intended staff member. Caller ID will let the staffer know who is calling, prompting a more reactive response from the moment the phone is answered.

Consultants at CLI satellite offices can also be reached via this new system. That means you can call either the main number or the auto attendant number and be connected directly to any of our staff members regardless of where their physical office may be located.

CLI takes pride in serving our customers. The new phone system is just one more way we hope to continually improve this service.

Click Here for a CLI Employee Extension Listing »


Progress Announces New President & CEO

CLI partner, Progress, has announced that Rick Reidy has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Progress Software. Rick succeeds Joe Alsop, who co-founded the company in 1981. The appointment of Rick as chief executive officer is the result of the company's focus on leadership and succession planning. Last year, Rick was appointed chief operating officer. Rick began his career at Progress in 1985 as one of the original developers of Progress' flagship database product, now called OpenEdge. Since then, Rick has held a number of both technical and management positions including vice president of Product Development.

CLI congratulates Rick on this appointment.


Tip of the Month

Create Scheduled Linehaul Automatically
Highway Manifests and Trips can be automatically created for scheduled days of the week.

1) Daily Manifest Maintenance
a. Enter a name in the code field to signify the manifest to be created.
b. Enter the origin and destination terminal codes for your manifest and a note as a description.
c. Check the box if a manifest should be created for that day.
d. Enter the scheduled departure time for the load or leave blank to update on the actual day.

2) Daily Trip Maintenance
a. Enter a name in the code field to signify the trip to be created.
b. Enter the origin and destination terminal codes and the highway route for your trip.
c. For each trip that is created, you may assign up to three manifests or loads. They can be selected from a list of valid manifests that were created or assigned on the actual day.
d. Check the box for each day that a trip should be created.
e. Enter the scheduled departure times, drivers, tractors and a note as a description for the trip(s) or leave blank to update on the actual day.

3) Daily Highway Startup
a. Enter the origin terminal for the manifests and trips being created.
b. Check the boxes to include manifests and/or trips in the startup.
c. Enter the date for which to create the records.
The default will be the current date, but you may select to generate them up to five days in advance. The day of the week will be displayed for confirmation purposes.
d. Clicking the search button will display the records scheduled for that day.
e. Double-click on the field under the 'Selected' column to change the schedule from 'yes' to 'no' if you wish to cancel the auto-create for the record on that day.
f. Click 'Done' to complete the generation of the scheduled manifests and trips.

Any questions? Contact the CLI Help Desk at


Calendar of Events




Aug 10 - 13

iTLC Annual Conference

Palm Harbor, FL

Oct 4 - 7

ATA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Las Vegas, NV

Oct 18 - 21

Transportation Assn. of Canada Conference

Vancouver, BC

Oct 19 - 21

Loss Prevention Conference

Atlanta, GA

Nov 13 - 18

NITL Annual Meeting

Anaheim, CA

Jan 19 - 20

SMC3 Winter Conference

Atlanta, GA


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