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 October 2011

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Just for Laughs
Importance of Analysis
FACTSmap New Release
3 Cost-Saving Tips
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Featured Employee

Rainer Tauchert

Rainer Tauchert has been connected to the trucking industry his whole life. CLI's Training & Support Manager was first exposed to the business as a child when his father was a construction contractor for A-P-A Transport. When Rainer started his career he worked in Dispatch, Routing, and Linehaul for a regional LTL carrier in the Northeast.


An employee of CLI since 2005, he focuses on the Operations segment of FACTS and has also managed the development of the FACTSmap application (see separate article).


Rainer currently resides in Oradell, NJ with his wife Siobhan and their two daughters. In addition to being committed to his work and his family, Rainer has not missed a NY Jets home game in over 11 years.


Welcome New Client:

AM Home Delivery

AM Home

CLI is pleased to announce that AM Home Delivery installed the SaaS-version of FACTS in 2011.  Though not a traditional LTL carrier, AM Home is a delivery service that discovered that FACTS could offer many benefits to its buisness.  With headquarters in Brooklyn, NY,  AM Home Delivery is an industry expert in white-glove home delivery, commercial delivery, installations, and warehousing for distributors throughout the Northeast.  They specialize in home delivery for all major appliances, including oversized and heavy-weight professional merchandise, and plasma televisions.  They offer a partnership that insures their clients a competitive edge, through organization, consistency, timeliness, and cost-efficient services. More than just a delivery company, they are a solution in an industry that requires professional logistics and branded customer service.   Please welcome AM Home Delivery.


To learn more visit their website.


Just for Laughs


T. McCracken

Sept cartoon
Used with permission. 
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Welcome to the Fall edition of CLI's newsletter, Trucking with CLI.  In this issue, we present an opionion article on the importance of analysis, highlight the latest enhancements to our FACTSmap™  module, and share an offer from industry partner Cheetah.  We also have a follow-up article from guest contributer, Gagan Goraya, which builds on the piece he wrote for the Summer issue.
As always, we hope that you find the newsletter to be informative and an enjoyable read.  Please provide us with feedback and ideas for content for future editions.  Enjoy.

Stop Griping and Act --

Analyze Today for Savings Tomorrow


By Ken Weinberg


I've often said that transportation companies are unique and yet the same. The basic mission of picking up, consolidating and delivering is identical whether you are a nationaAnalyzel carrier, overnight courier or regional white glove service provider. And because our goals are the same, we can learn best practices from one another. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, UPS was featured in a story that documented how the delivery company will save $70 million a year by having their drivers go keyless. The move saves time while reducing driver motion and fatigue. UPS's COO, David Abney, is quoted as saying, "Yes we're obsessive. We're obsessive about efficiency."


In the current economy it is difficult to grow your business and I hear many of you complaining about the current business climate. And while you can't control economic conditions, you can control the efficiency of your operations. For years now I have been urging transportation companies to devote resources to analyze processes with a goal towards improving efficiency and productivity. Very simply, carriers must focus on dock, pickup and delivery, and operations in general and get "back to basics." In other words, your mission is to pick up, consolidate and deliver goods. If you analyze these tasks, you are on the fast track to becoming a more efficient, cost-effective operation.


For CLI customers, real savings would be realized if you'd focus on the optimal utilization of FACTSR operations tools including IB and OB dispatch, customer service and dock. Measure current performance levels, identify operational system improvement opportunities and quantify the benefits of implementing those improvements.  The benefits include: route optimization; increased dock productivity; better work flow; elimination of work redundancy; reduction in fuel costs; more efficient use of people and equipment; more strategic decision-making; process improvement; and more.


Imagine the money you could save that you could direct towards the bottom line if you implement just one of these cost-cutting measures. Follow UPS's lead. Don't just think about being more efficient. Act on it today. You have the tools, we can help.   

Latest Enhancements to FACTSmap™

Module Now Available

"We're all pilgrims on the same journey - but some pilgrims have better road maps."   --Nelson DeMille 

CLI is pleased to announce the launch of its FACTSmap version 2.0, offering dispatchers increased routing optimization capabilities and ease of use for its FACTS™ transportation software suite.


There are a multitude of enhancements for users who upgrade to the new version including:

  • Ability to provide ETA alerts for shipments that have become delayed and will not make their scheduled delivery times
  • Dispatchers can save on mileage and increase driver productivity by changing the order of stops for a truck going on its route and altering the locations for the first stop and the intermediate stops
  • Real-time alerts when traffic jams occur, enabling trucks to take an alternate route to avoid delays
  • Increased flexibility to manage dispatching and operations at multiple terminals instead of just one
  • Ability to switch pickups and deliveries from one driver to another by a click of the mouse
  • Enabling customer service representatives to monitor what is going on along each driver's route and in each terminal
  • Flexibility in locating destinations not normally identified by a street address - for example, a specific retail store in a shopping center or mall
  • Geocoding, which enables dispatchers to redirect shipments headed to the wrong location, avoiding late deliveries
  • 100% compatibility with Microsoft's Map Point


CompassPlease also remember that unlike other software developers, CLI's FACTS upgrades are always FREE to current customers who have the FACTSmap module.  This is one of the many benefits of annual maintenance fees.  If you have any questions about any software upgrades please do not hesitate to contact us helpdesk@carrierlogistics.com.


Guest Contributor:  3 IT Cost-Savings Tips You Can Do Today


  by Gagan Goraya


With the continuing focus on cost cutting, all companies are looking for ways to stretch a dollar. In my experience, IT budgets in the transportation industry are already very tight, so many of you wonder if that option even exists.



I offer that there are many cost-cutting strategies.  Some make perfect sense and are simple to exercise; others however, require a complete shift in the IT strategy along with significant initial investment. Knowing that spending a lot on capital investments might be out of question, the focus of this article is to highlight 3 strategies that can result in some "quick wins."  Please keep in mind that the importance will vary from company to company based on their environment.


1) Automate time-intensive repetitive processes

In a market slowdown organizational focus shifts to business process automation. Simultaneously, management might be looking for an overall reduction in IT costs. Since both of these cannot be achieved at the same time, a company can either trim expectations by shortening its IT to-do list, or maintain IT costs while trying to accomplish more. There are many things your IT department can do to help reduce overall operational costs. Priority should be given to projects with defined objectives, significant returns and realistic expectations. 


There are a number of administrative tasks that can be quickly automated with little IT support. These types of projects deliver quick ROI due to one-time upfront costs resulting in ongoing savings. Some of the examples of time-intensive tasks are time-card entry, POD entry, A/P entry, A/R entry and so on. Often accounting departments require a segregation of expenses into proper G/L accounts by terminal or cost center. In many cases, work might be performed at separate physical locations making the business process inconsistent, complex and costly. Automating manual processes that fall into these categories can result in quick cost savings, as well as help improve the overall business process. 


2) Centralize IT payment processes

Just like other departments, IT services need to be centrally managed. It is critically important to have company IT policy clearly established and managed centrally, along with contract negotiations and telecommunication. Now here's a kicker, one of the best spots to look for savings is in the bill payment area. If your organization is set up so that all the recurring bill payments are going straight to Accounts Payable, you may want to change it. Like the old saying goes, "If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it," having these costs go through IT allows you to constantly assess your costs, identify discrepancies, manage contract due dates, and look for new opportunities. In addition, having a centralized purchasing group allows organizations to get the best deal and allows them to establish better vendor relationships. Without it, it would be impossible to proactively manage the expenses that are occurring at each location. Often IT departments don't want to get involved in the administration of these types of expenses due to lack of resources. A case can be made to either outsource these activities or manage in-house with some administrative assistance. There are companies that specialize in this area and can do it in a very cost-effective manner.

3) Virtualization - Let's Go Virtual

There is a lot of talk about virtual servers so you may be familiar with the term. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, let me give you a quick introduction. Over the years, technology has been consistently improving and the cost of hardware has been coming down at the same time. The result is that we have more powerful computers that are capable of handling multiple applications.


A virtual machine lets you share the resources of a single physical computer across multiple virtual machines for maximum efficiency. A virtual machine behaves exactly like a physical machine except it is sharing the hardware platform witQuote2h one or more virtual machines. Although there are many benefits to doing this, the most significant benefit is lower cost of ownership. Imagine that you have a powerful computer that is hosting many small virtual servers. As a result, your hardware maintenance costs go down significantly. You will have fewer servers in the computer room. This will result in less power consumption as well as lower cooling costs. It is a good way to consolidate servers.


Other soft benefits of "going virtual" are that there are fewer components that can fail allowing your IT department to focus on other areas. Your servers will be fully utilized and the backup and recovery process is a lot simpler. In almost all cases, there are significant savings when and if you decide to use virtualization. Many major corporations are now solely depending on virtual servers due to significantly reduced recovery time. Transportation companies can definitely benefit from this as well.


These are but 3 of the many ways that transportation companies can reduce costs. The opportunity for savings is out there - it is the smart organization that looks for and finds these reductions.


Gagan Goraya is a former director of IT at Clarke Logistics.  He is currently COO of Biz IT Solutions, a comprehensive IT Solutions provider offering a complete and wide range of IT services.


Half Off of Cheetah Express


Attention CLI customers: There's nothing scary about this deal-- Now through October 31, 2011, your company can purchase Cheetah Express for half off the regular price. That's right, just sign a service agreement with CLI by Halloween and you'll be accessing all of the benefits of Cheetah Express for a 50% discount. This equates to $2,500 in savings.


Give a boost to your dispatch and delivery planning by harnessing the speed of Cheetah. Their real-time logistics solutions increase profit margins by making any logistics business better able to respond to rapidly changing circumstances as they occur.


Please click here to see details on this offer. And remember, don't delay. Contact CLI today to take advantage of this special off and start reaping the benefits of the Cheetah solution.



Thank you for sharing some time with us.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, feedback or opinions.




Ken Weinberg
Carrier Logistics Inc.

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Save Money


Still using an in-house legacy system?  Do you want to save real money by boosting your employees' productivity, creating a more efficient operation and producing error-free invoicing?  Contact CLI today to discuss how our FACTS system can benefit your organization.  If you are interested in saving REAL money, contact us today.

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